Lyrics zu seltenen und unveröffentlichten Liedern
Anorexorcist (23.01.1988)
Bad Moon Rising
Bambi Kill (Bambi Slaughter)
Buffy's Pregnant (Fecal Matter)
Clean Up Before She Comes (1988)
Closing Time (22.01.1993)
Come On Death
Curmudgeon (Lithium Single Version)
Do You Love Me ?
Down In The Dark
Even In His Youth (01.01.1991)
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Help Me (05.11.1989)
Help Me (08.11.1989)
Help Me (22.11.1989)
Help Me (28.09.1991)
Here She Comes Now (25.11.1991)
High On The Hog (26.11.1989)
I Hate Myself And Want To Die (von the "Beavis & Butthead experience")
If You Must
Immigrant Song (21.12.1988)
Moist Vagina (von der "All Apologies / Rape Me"-Single)
My Sharona (16.02.1994)
Oh, The Guilt (April 1992)
Oh, The Guilt (25.11.1990)
Oh, The Guilt (16.11.1991)
Oh, The Guilt (23.11.1991)
Old Age (Boombox Recording)
Pay To Play
Pen Cap Chew
Raunchola (23.01.1988)
Return Of The Rat (April 1992)
Rock Whore (20.11.1991)
Run, Rabbit, Run! (21.12.1988)
Sacrifice (15.01.1992)
Sappy ("No Alternative" Version)
Sappy (1988 - Barnyard Session, aka Sad)
Sappy (April 1990 - Smart Studios)
Sappy (22.11.1989)
Seasons In The Sun (Originallyrics von Terry Jacks)
Sound Of Dentage (Fecal Matter)
Spank Thru
Talk To Me (16.11.1991)
The Money Will Roll Right In (30.08.1992)
The Money Will Roll Right In (03.07.1992)
The Priest They Called Him
Token Eastern Song
Token Eastern Song (25.10.1989)
Unbekanntes Lied (My Milk Is Your Shit?) (22.01.1993)
Unbekanntes Lied (Meat?) (22.01.1993)
Verse Chorus Verse (17.08.1990)
Verse Chorus Verse (25.11.1990)
You Know You're Right (23.10.1993)