I Blame "Sandinista" for not letting me get into punk, years after I should have done. It was so bad.
Kurt Cobain, 1991

We saw Shanon Knife and they were so cool. I turned into a nine-year-old girl at a Beatles concert. I was crying and jumping up and down and tearing my hair out - it was amazing. I've never been so thrilled in my whole life. They played pop music - pop, pop, pop music.
Kurt Cobain, 1992

We [Nirvana] wanted to do as good as Sonic Youth. We totally respect those people and what they've done. We thought we'd sell a couple of thousand records at the most, and that would be fine. Next thing you know, we got Top 10. I wish we could have a time machine and go back to two months ago. I'd tell people to get lost.
Krist Novoselic, 1992