I get all the lyrics. The music I get 75%, and they get the rest. I think that's fair. But at the time, I was on drugs when that came up. And so they thought that I might start asking for more things. They were afraid that I was going to go out of my mind and start putting them on a salary, stuff like that. But even then we didn't yell at each other. And we split everything else evently.
Kurt Cobain, 1994

Our big goarl was to play in Seattle one day.
Kurt Cobain

I feel like we've been tagged as illiterate redneck cousin-fucking kids. That's not true at all.
Kurt Cobain, 1988

After the first practice, we knew that things were going to work out, because we had the same ideas. They wanted a drummer that played really big drums and hit extremely hard, so things worked out from there. And now Kurt has someone that can sing back-up vocals to the songs.
Dave Grohl

See Kurt had this tape, right. And we're living in Aberdeen and he made it with Dale, the drummer of The Melvins. That was in '86, maybe. I heard it and I thought it was really cool, so I said to start this band, so we started a band and we went through three drummers and we're here today, talking to you.
Krist Novoselic, 1991

When I joined the band I lived with Kurt for eight months. When I first got there, he had just broken up with a girl and was completely heartbroken. We would sit in his tiny shoe box apartment for eight hours at a time without saying a word. For weeks and weeks this happened. Finally, one night we were driving back in the van, and Kurt said, "You know, I'm not always like this." And I just went "Wheeewwww".
Dave Grohl, 1992

I think Kurt has something no one else has. His way of writing simple, childlike, minimalist tunes that stick. But that just shows you that you don't have to be so accomplished to impress. Anybody can do Kurt Cobain, anybody can do Krist Novoselic... I dunno. None of us were cut out for this.
Dave Grohl, 1992

At the time I was writing those songs, I really didn't know what I was trying to say. There's no point in my even trying to analyse or explain it.
Kurt Cobain, trying to explain the meaning behind the songs on Nevermind

This is the hardest job I've ever had. I like it though. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself... it's just a lot more demanding than I expected.
Kurt Cobain, December 1992